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Annual Award Categories

Research:  Research awards are available in all academic disciplines for scholars to undertake a planned program of reading and research at a U.S. academic or research institution toward production of scholarly work. Research scholars are expected to be experienced university faculty or administrators, research institute specialists, professionals or independent scholars. Grantees will be responsible for arranging their own research affiliation or suggesting two or three viable potential hosts and then working with the Council of the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) in Washington, D.C. to secure a host affiliation.  Applicants should initiate contact with potential host institutions to gauge their interest and suitability to act as hosts.  Applicants who completed all or some of their graduate education at a U.S. institution may not affiliate with that same institution.  Whether arranging their own affiliation or working with CIES to arrange one, applicants’ proposals should clearly demonstrate that the anticipated affiliation is a suitable venue for conducting the type of research proposed.

Academic Training:  Applicants wanting to use the award in full or in part to participate in a training or professional development program will be responsible for all costs and making all arrangements.  Information about a proposed training program, including the proposed venue, dates, cost, deadlines, eligibility, etc., will be required with the proposal along with a justification for the proposed program.   Applicants need not be already enrolled in the training program at the time of application, but only provide evidence that a training program has been identified.  If selected for a grant, the candidate will need to provide evidence of registration in the training program in advance of travel to the U.S.  Proposals should demonstrate how the training contributes to the grantee’s professional growth and how it will allow the grantee to contribute to his/her home institution.

Grant Length:  The grant is expected to support three months of activity — Research only – grant length of three months; Academic training only – training programs must be a minimum of two months unless paired with a research affiliation; joint academic training and research – grants for academic training programs of less than two months must be paired with a research affiliation, and joint training and research programs must be three months in length.

Grant Provisions:  Round-trip economy international travel for grantee only; a lump sum grant of U.S. $10,000– to cover all expenses, including settling-in costs, room and board, associated research costs, and academic training program costs (if applicable); sickness/accident insurance.

Fulbright/LASPAU (Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities) Faculty Development Program

The scholarship is for lecturers and it is for one year beginning August/September and is renewable for a second year.  It does not cover expenses for the grantee’s family.  Recipients of a previous Fulbright grant are not eligible to apply for three years starting from the date of completion of the original grant.

In early March PAS announces the availability of scholarships for lecturers at tertiary level institutions to undertake master’s or doctoral-level study at U.S. universities beginning in August of the following year. Applicants apply online in March at this website (username: fbapp; password: education).  Interviews of shortlisted candidates are held in PAS at the end of July and final selections are made in Washington in December.