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Applicants in the Cayman Islands

Cayman residents must follow all of the procedures for completing the electronic visa application forms if they wish to apply for a visa.  Please visit the Documentation page of our GSS website for information relating to application documentation.

In some cases, Cayman residents applying for a visa may be allowed to send in their passport and other visa documentation by courier, instead of appearing for an interview.  Applicants will be notified of this option during the visa application process if it is available.  In such cases, applicants must make their own arrangements for the delivery of the application package to the Consular Section via courier.  Please include a pre-paid self-addressed envelope in the package for the return of the documents.

Residents of the Cayman Islands have two options for return delivery of their passports, if their visa is approved.  At no additional charge, they may make arrangements to have DHL deliver the passport to an address in Jamaica.  If an applicant must return to the Cayman Islands immediately, they may make arrangements with a courier service to have the passport mailed to the Embassy in Jamaica and back to the Cayman Islands using a prepaid air-bill.

Please visit the Visa Document Courier Services page of our GSS website for more information about courier services.