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Report A Birth

Who Should Apply

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), your child must be under 18 years of age and must appear in person at the Embassy or the U.S. Consular Agency. The U.S. citizen parent must satisfy three basic criteria to qualify for a CRBA.  The U.S. citizen parent must prove that:

  1. They are the biological parent of the child.
  2. They were a U.S. citizen before the birth of the child.
  3. They satisfy the minimum residency requirements before the birth of the child.

Please note that ONLY U.S. records existing BEFORE the child’s birth is relevant to the CRBA process.  For more information on how to acquire U.S. citizenship at birth, please review the transmission requirements here:  Acquisition of U.S. Citizenship by a Child Born Abroad

How to Apply

Pay And Apply Online

  1. Access eCRBA and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your online application.
  2. List all your entries TO and FROM the U.S. and upload the required documents listed below.
    1. Child’s birth certificate,
    2. Parent(s) U.S. citizenship
    3. Parent’s passport or other government issued ID.
    4. Marriage and divorce certificates,
    5. School transcripts and certificates,
    6. Job letters and other documents to show you lived in the U.S.
  3. Forward your “Payment Confirmation Detail” page from MyTravelGov to KingstonCRBA@state.gov.  Use Subject Line:  “Child’s Last, First name, Application #
  4. Afterwards, follow all instructions from MyTravelGov by uploading the requested documents, then notifying us of your actions by emailing us with the above subject line.

Things to Note

If you do not receive a confirmation email from MyTravelGov within 3 business days, please notify us by sending an email to KingstonCRBA@state.gov using Subject Line:  “Child’s Last, First name, Application #.  All emails relating to your application must use this subject.

Remember, ONLY U.S. records existing BEFORE the child’s birth is relevant to the CRBA process.  As such, travels, passport stamps, work, school or house related records after the birth of the child will not be considered or reviewed.

Please do not attempt to schedule a U.S. passport or CRBA appointment for yourself.  Your appointment will be scheduled by our office when all requested documents have been uploaded to MyTravel.gov.

If the U.S. citizen parent is not able to attend the in-person appointment, form DS-5507 Affidavit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support is required. The form must be completed, signed, notarized and uploaded to MyTravelGov.  All individual trips BEFORE the child’s birth must be documented on the form.

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Note: A complete form must have a visible barcode.