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Contract Opportunity – Installation of Fiber

The US Embassy Kingston has a requirement to obtain services to install 6 strand 50-micron OM-3 fiber optic cable at the US Embassy compound located at 30 Monroe Road, Kingston 6 and the Collin Powell Plaza Residential Facility located at 211A Constant Spring Rd, Kingston 8, Jamaica.

All contractors responding to this solicitation must be technically qualified and financially responsible to carry out the required services.  At a minimum, each offeror must meet the following requirements when submitting their proposal:

  • Have no adverse criminal record;
  • Have no political or business affiliation which could be considered contrary to the interests of the United States;
  • Meet all local insurance requirements;
  • Meet requirements for the Defense Base Act insurance;
  • Have all licenses and permits required by local law

Interested contractors are invited to request a copy of the documents by emailing Kingston.Procure@state.gov with the subject “Installation of Fiber.”

All firms responding to this solicitation must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at the time of quoting. Quotations submitted must include the firm’s NDAA 889 Representations.

Interested firms are to respond by email with caption “Installation of Fiber” to Kingston.Procure@state.gov no later than January 31, 2024, at 12 noon.


Web Link: https://www.SAM.Gov 

Guide: https://www.fsd.gov/sys_attachment.do?sys_id=99a2fa061b0bcd500ca4a97ae54bcb12     

Knowledge Base: https://www.fsd.gov/gsafsd_sp?id=gsa_kb_view2&kb_id=f66d8e6cdb76d4100d73f81d0f9619c6