2022 Fulbright Graduate Student Program

U.S. Embassy, Kingston is pleased to announce the application opening of the 2022 Fulbright Graduate Student Program. Applications are now open and will close on Monday, May 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

The Fulbright Graduate Student Program is a specific Fulbright Foreign Student award for study grants to persons who seeking to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in order to contribute to Jamaica’s national development in varied sectors. All Fulbright grant recipients are expected to show exceptional promise of leadership skills in their field. The Fulbright program uniquely envisions and prepares alumni of the program to be committed to development of their country of origin, in this instance Jamaica; while gaining a deeper understanding of the U.S.A., its people, policies and place in the international context.

All fields of study are included, except for law, medicine, nursing, and dentistry. A wide variety of fields of study are considered for Fulbright grants for Jamaicans. Applicants in the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics/engineering or social sciences are eligible to apply for a Fulbright grant to pursue either a master’s or doctoral degree, inclusive of disciplines in: the Humanities, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Social Sciences excluding MBA programs , Anthropology, Archaeology, Area studies, Cultural and Ethnic studies, Economics, Gender and Sexuality studies, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Natural sciences, Space sciences, Earth sciences, Life sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Agriculture, Architecture and Design, Education, Engineering, Environmental studies and Forestry, Health sciences, Journalism, media studies and communication, Library and museum studies, Military sciences, Public Administration and Social work. Professional degrees and those leading to a professional credential are excluded. This is a very competitive program and consideration will only be given to Jamaican-citizen graduates of local universities with first-class honors or upper second-class honors, Bachelor’s degrees. Applicants with a Pass degree or an overall C average or below should not apply. Persons with “green cards” (alien registration cards), or already pursuing studies at a U.S. university, or who are living in the United States, are NOT eligible to apply for these awards. Recipients should plan to return to Jamaica on completion of their studies in the U.S. and must spend at least two years in Jamaica before becoming eligible for consideration to immigrate to the U.S.


  • First-class or upper-second class honors Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Jamaican Tertiary institution
  • Must be a Jamaican citizen currently residing in Jamaica
  • Must have a commitment to Jamaica’s national development
  • Must be committed to developing one’s own leadership skills and positively sharing knowledge and skill sets gained during the program
  • Recipients should plan to return to Jamaica on completion of their studies in the U.S.A. and contribute to the sector for which studies were pursued.

FINANCIAL COVERAGE (the study grant includes coverage of costs for the following):

  • J1 visa
  • Airline travel to and from the United States (Note: this only covers for the initial flight at the beginning of the program and the return flight end of the program to Jamaica)
  • Tuition assistance in the form of a grant covering specified fees or supplemental fees with a teaching assistantship when provided by the host university
  • A monthly stipend for the study period
  • A book allowance
  • Health insurance (basic coverage through a group plan)

Applicants are required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Detailed information about the GRE and GMAT can be obtained at the GRE and GMAT websites respectively. Additional resources for the GRE and GMAT can be obtained from the embassy’s Robeson American Center at www.edusajamaica.org. A score for either the GMAT or GRE must be provided by applicants, by email to: Kingstonexchanges@state.gov, by or before June 18, 2021. The TOEFL is only required for applicants who are selected for the Fulbright grant.


The application will be accessible on https://apply.iie.org/ffsp2022.

Required supporting documents should be uploaded electronically and directly to the online application.

Submission of letters of recommendation electronically is strongly encouraged and is a convenient, preferred and secure means of supporting an application. For this reason, the online application will allow recommenders’ information to be added and an email with the applicant’s specific identifying information will be sent to each recommender/referee which allows for direct submission. It is the duty of the applicant to request the recommendation, prior to completing the request in the Fulbright application. Referees should be aware of the applicant’s academic performance and willing to assess academic potential for further studies. The referee should also have knowledge of the type of degree the applicant wants to pursue and the specific area of study. Applicants should discuss any such details with the referee and allow adequate time for consideration, preparation and submission of the required letter of recommendation by the referee.

Questions or concerns from applicants or referees about the Fulbright Faculty Development Program grant should be sent to kingstonexchanges@state.gov

Prospective Fulbright participants should be aware that public health conditions, availability of consular services and travel, as well as U.S. institutional operating status and policies may affect their ability to travel to the U.S. and participate in academic programs.