Jobs at the Embassy

Thank you for considering the U.S. Mission to Jamaica as a potential employer. The United States government offers a wide variety of challenging and exciting employment opportunities in Jamaica and throughout the rest of the world.

The Human Resources (HR) Office in Kingston has overall responsibility for the management of the Employment Program for all agencies represented in the Mission. For your convenience, vacancy announcements for positions at the Embassy and other Consular Agencies throughout Jamaica are advertised on this webpage to help you access information on employment opportunities.

The selection of available jobs changes often, and sometimes there are no vacancies.  If you find a vacancy that interests you, simply download the information and follow the instructions for applying.

See information below on Vacancy Announcement:

Definitions and Additional Employment Considerations
Eight Qualities of Overseas Employees

Solicitation Number:            Kingston -2019-V034
Position Title:                        Chauffeur
Opening Period:                    July 10, 2019 – July 24, 2019
Series/Grade:                         LE 1015 3/FP-BB*
Salary:                                    JA$1,442,493
For LE – LCP is (J$) 1,442,493 (includes basic salary, bonus and allowances)
*Final grade/step for FP (US$) will be determined by Washington
For More Info:                       E-mail Address: or call 702-6150
Who May Apply:                   All Interested Applicants/All Sources


U.S. Mission:                                             U.S. Embassy/Kingston
Announcement Number:                         Kingston-2019 – V031
Position Title:                                           HU Administrative Assistant
Opening Period:                                      June 24, 2019 – July 8, 2019
Series/Grade:                                          LE 405 6/FP-08*
Salary:                                                     (J$)2,105,989
For LE – LCP is (J$) 2,105,989 (includes basic salary, bonus and allowances).
*Final grade/step for FP (US$) will be determined by Washington
For More Info:                                          E-mail Address: or call (876) 702-6150
Who May Apply:                                     All Interested Applicants / All Sources