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Fulbright Visiting Scholars Program

The Fulbright Program in Central America and the Caribbean is administered as a regional program. Scholars from the region compete for awards not only with other applicants from their own country but also with applicants from the other countries in the region as well.  PAS announces the competition for visiting scholars to conduct research in the U.S., to undertake an approved academic training course, or to do a combination of both.  University faculty and professionals are eligible to apply and must have at a minimum a master’s degree and either three years of university teaching experience or five years of professional experience.  This program is not designed for study toward a graduate degree, for the completion of a doctoral dissertation, professional travel, or conference attendance. Candidates who have not visited the United States for an appreciable period within the past five years will be given preference. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents qualified to hold a valid passport issued by the country from which they apply. Persons holding permanent U.S. visas are not eligible.  Applications are accepted in all fields.  PAS announces this program in early September with an early October deadline for the submission of applications online.