Global webchat: Finding strength through sports

How do sports empower women? Find out on March 29 at 6 a.m. EDT/10:00 UTC (Time Zone Converter) in a live, global webchat about “Finding Strength Through Sports,” featuring panelists Nungshi and Tashi Malik from India, Aziza Kayumova from Tajikistan, and Fatima Saleem and Rabia Qadir from Pakistan.

Why participate?

  • Learn their stories. See below for our panelists’ biographies and participate in the live webchat to find out how they got involved in sports, how sports helped them achieve their goals, and why they think girls benefit from sports.
  • Connect. Join our panelists’ networks — get advice and connect with girls and women in your region and around the world.
  • Help your community. Find out how our panelists have taken on leadership roles in their communities to empower other women and girls through sports.

Come back to this page for the live program, where there will be a chat space for you to ask questions. Or ask questions via Twitter using the hashtag #EmpowerWomen. Rabia will also be on Twitter during the entire program to help answer your questions!

 Meet the speakers:

Nungshi and Tashi Malik standing with backpacks (State Dept. Global Sports Mentoring Program)

Nungshi and Tashi Malik — the mountaineers

Commonly known as the “Everest Twins,” Nungshi and Tashi are already world-famous mountaineers in their mid-20s. They are the world’s first siblings and twins, as well as the youngest persons and the first South Asians, to complete the “Adventurers Grand Slam” (scaling the highest peaks of each continent and skiing to the North and South Poles).

Their passion for climbing is only matched by their passion for empowering girls and women in India and the world. They founded the NungshiTashi Foundation to help girls gain leadership skills, employment and, ultimately, empowerment through outdoor activities.

Reach them on Twitter @NungshiTashi or Facebook.

Woman in colorful dress dancing on stage (Courtesy of Aziza Kayumova)

Aziza Kayumova — the dancer

Aziza is president of the Standard DanceSport Federation in Tajikistan, an independent, national organization that promotes the sport of dancing. The federation also promotes particular dance types in Tajikistan, including using dance as a means of physical education.

Aziza has worked with former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama to plan a National Gymnastics Day that was part of Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. Aziza also co-founded the first modeling studio in Tajikistan with her sister.

Reach her on Twitter @Azizanew or Facebook.

Fatima Saleem (State Dept. Global Sports Mentoring Program)