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Health Alert: U.S. Embassy Kingston, Jamaica
June 16, 2020

Health Alert: U.S. Embassy Kingston, Jamaica (June 16, 2020)

Location: Jamaica

Event: Travel Authorization Form for entrance into Jamaica.

  • Please note that the Department of State continues to advise U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.  For more information about this Global Level 4 Health Advisory, please visit the following website:Travel.State.Gov
  • Beginning June 15, all arriving passengers will be required to have a Travel Authorization prior to check-in for a flight to Jamaica.  The Travel Authorization Form can be found at www.visitjamaica.com.  The form asks a series of questions and requires the traveler to consent to the following:

o   Travel Costs

  • I acknowledge I am traveling to Jamaica and bear all the costs for travel to and from the destination as well as costs while I am in-country should I fall ill. This can include, but is not limited to the following:
  • COVID-19 test
  • Medical services
  • Hospital services
  • Medical transportation services
  • Medical evacuation services
  • Quarantine/isolation facilities and services

o   Health Screening and Risk Assessment at Port of Entry

  • Upon arrival in Jamaica, I will be required to undergo a health screening and risk assessment by the health authorities. The health screening will include checking my temperature, observation of my symptoms, if any, as well as an interview by a health officer.
  • I understand that I will be subject to testing if I am assessed as high risk either as a result of coming from a country designated as high risk for COVID-19 transmission based on classification by the World Health Organisation or due to other risk factors such as exhibiting symptoms or exposure to persons who have tested positive.

o   Testing for COVID-19

  • I also consent to the following COVID-19 testing protocol, should I be required to be tested by the health authorities:
  • Naso-pharyngeal swabbing on my arrival. If my initial test for COVID-19 is positive, or I develop any symptom of COVID-19 during my period of quarantine, I may be placed in mandatory isolation until I have fully recovered. I agree to further samples for testing being taken during my period of isolation.

o   Stay in COVID-19 Resilient Corridor

  • If I am not required to be tested or if my test is negative, I understand that I will be required for the duration of my stay in Jamaica to remain within the “COVID-19 Resilient Corridor”, a defined geographical area within Jamaica designated for tourism purposes.

o   Isolation

  • If I am required to be tested for COVID-19 and my test is positive, I consent to being isolated either at my hotel/resort or in a government facility as determined by the health authorities.

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