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Joint Statement by the Embassy of the United States & the British High Commission in Kingston
on International Anti-Corruption Day

Today, we celebrate International Anti-Corruption Day. The United States and the United Kingdom are pleased to partner with Jamaica and all our friends around the world to combat corruption, promote transparency, and strengthen good governance. An important part of our partnership with Jamaica, its government — including the political opposition and judiciary, civil society groups, media and all concerned citizens — is built around bolstering anti-corruption entities to ensure public trust and confidence in government institutions. Strong democratic institutions that endure no matter who is in power are what produces good governance and lasting change. Well-functioning systems, where regulating authorities are empowered to investigate wrongdoing under a robust legal framework, are important to protect the country against corruption.
We encourage and support Jamaican leaders across the political spectrum in their fight against corruption. The long-term success of their efforts, however, will ultimately depend on the Jamaican people. Citizens across the world must continue to demand progress from their governments on an anti-corruption agenda in support of democracy, rule of law, and a bright, sustainable and prosperous future.  Advancing transparency, consolidating the rule of law, and holding public officials accountable will help ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper.