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Political/Economic Section (P/E)

The Political/Economic Section is responsible for identifying, advocating for, and reporting on U.S. priorities in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Due to Jamaica´s geographic proximity, the strong people-to-people ties between our two countries, and Jamaica´s status as the largest English-speaking country in the Caribbean, the U.S.-Jamaica partnership is more important than ever.  In order to advance our policy and program priorities, we work closely with our interlocutors in the Government of Jamaica, U.S. interagency, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations on issues of mutual interest.

Our priorities in Jamaica are represented by four key goals, starting with safeguarding the welfare of U.S. citizens. To achieve this, we support Jamaican efforts to identify, investigate, and dismantle transnational criminal organizations, terrorist networks, financial fraudsters, human traffickers, and the corrupt officials that facilitate their activities. We monitor and support development programs that aim to address transnational crime and gang activity affecting the U.S. through a multi-pronged approach to include, as examples, workforce skills development for youth, anti-corruption initiatives, and community engagement.

Our second goal is to boost U.S.-Jamaica economic ties through promotion of U.S. exports to Jamaica and support for Jamaica’s ongoing transformation of its energy sector, which has regional implications. Keys to achieving success are support for Jamaica’s macroeconomic stability, including its Stand-By Agreement with the International Monetary Fund; renewed Jamaican commitment to respect Intellectual Property Rights; and improved interdiction of the trade of counterfeit goods.

Our third goal involves collaborating with Jamaica on the containment of HIV/AIDS, Zika, and other communicable diseases, to limit exposure and transmission to U.S. citizens. Embassy Kingston now serves as the hub for the CDC and PEPFAR operations in the Caribbean.

Finally, we seek to strengthen the U.S. partnership with Jamaica by promoting global issues in Jamaica and in the international arena, such as fostering human rights and the rights of LGBTI individuals and combatting gender-based violence and trafficking in persons. We promote: Jamaican leadership within CARICOM; improved regional and international security; democracy and human rights; science, technology, and health; climate change mitigation; cybersecurity; and nonproliferation.

Political/Economic Section Officers

  • Political/Economic Counselor -Nicole Weber
  • Deputy Political/Economic Counselor – Scott Winton
  • Economic and Commercial Officer – Charles Clatanoff
  • Political/Economic Specialist – Elvis James
  • Commercial Specialist-Danielle Barnes
  • Office Management Specialist-Anil Veziroglu
  • Political/Economic Associate – Maria MacKenzie
  • Political/Economic Specialist – Denieca Brown