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Procurement/Contract Opportunities

Vendors wishing to do business with the Embassy should provide the Procurement Section with a copy of a Vendor Registration Form (PDF 148 KB), their references, company profile, brochures and catalogs in English. The documents should be in Acrobat PDF format and submitted to this email address: Kingston.Procure@state.gov.


  • The Procurement Section of the Embassy is the only office authorized to place orders for goods and services on behalf of the U.S. Government. All orders from other persons are considered unauthorized and private, and the Government accepts no responsibility for paying those orders.
  • The Embassy is required to provide vendors with a copy of a Purchase Order Form OF-347 (PDF) or contract signed by a Contracting Officer for all orders. The Purchase Order/Contract is the order, and vendors should not attempt to deliver goods/services prior to receiving one of these documents. The Government has no obligation to receive or pay for any goods/services without a valid purchase order / contract.


  • The Government does not make advance payments – payment is made exclusively after receipt of the goods/services.
  • Payment is made primarily in local currency, i.e. Jamaican Dollars and in special cases in U.S. Dollars by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). See EFT Registration Form (PDF 295 KB) attached.
  • By U.S. law, the Embassy makes payment within 30 days from receipt of a proper invoice.
  • Invoicing instructions are available here (PDF 147 KB).
Qualified Firms seeking Contracts for Delivery & Performance  Services

The U.S. Embassy in Kingston, General Services Office Procurement seeks to enter into contracts with qualified, reliable firms with sufficient resources, financing and relevant work experience for delivery and performance of a variety of commodities and Services. In order for a Company to be considered for embassy contracts, the Company shall be able to meet, satisfy, understand, and comply with the requirements in the Notice to Potential Offerors. All businesses entering into a contract or purchase order for values USD 30,000 and over with the U.S. Government will require a DUN’s number, NCage code and registration in the System for Award Management (SAM). Please take the time to register your company with Dun and Bradstreet by following this link to their webpage http://www.dnb.com/get-a-duns-number.html. Request and obtain an NCAGE Code through https://eportal.nspa.nato.int/AC135Public/scage/CageList.aspx. Instructions on how to register and renew are available on the SAM website at http://www.sam.gov/. Below are current opportunities. Qualified firms interested in any of these opportunities must follow the specific instructions in the solicitation description that is provided for each opportunity.

NDAA 889 Contractor Compliance Representations

On August 13, 2019, Public Law (P.L.) 115-232 went into effect prohibiting Federal agencies from using video surveillance and telecommunications products or services from Huawei Technologies, ZTE, Hikvision, Hytera, and Dahua. To this end the USG through the Federal Acquisition Regulations have asked vendors / offerors to complete the attached representation regarding certain telecommunications and video surveillance services or equipment (FAR52.204-24). If offeror represents “does” in response to the representation at FAR 52.204-24(d)(2), complete the disclosure at FAR 52.204(e)(2) and submit it to the Contracting Officer. Attached too is FAR 52.204-25 Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment.

Please note to be considered for an award, all vendors submitting quotes or proposals to US Embassy Kingston must self-certify in SAM.gov (for contract actions US$30,000 and over) for the representations required in FAR 52.204-24 and FAR 52.204-25 in accordance with FAR Interim Rule 2019-009. Vendors that fail to complete this self-certification at FAR 52.204-26 and FAR 52.212-3 (v) within SAM.gov will not be considered for award.

To complete your representation review and complete the compliance document (linked here). In completing, the company information and authorizing signature and stamp should be placed on the first page. On pages two (2) and five (5) you are to check the appropriate box to state your representation. This representation must be updated annually and submitted by email to Kingston.Procure@state.gov with subject “NDAA 889 Compliance Representation.”