U.S. Embassy and NATFATIP Trafficking in Persons Island Tour

In an effort to build awareness and ultimately contribute to the eradication of human trafficking in Jamaica, the U.S. Embassy, in collaboration with the National Task Force Against Trafficking In Persons (NATFATIP), through the Ministry of Justice, funded a TIP awareness tour targeting communities across the island between January 16-19, 2018. The tour comprised five sessions over a four-day period, and included short presentations and viewing of segments of the PAS-funded “Hidden in Plain Sight” TIP documentary feature.

Participants included elementary and high school students, faculty, and community-based organization/committee members. The tour culminated with a public forum on Friday, January 19, which allowed for greater public discussion. The tour was also an opportunity to highlight U.S. significance and showcase the government’s strong and growing cooperation with Jamaica on combating TIP, sensitize and build awareness of TIP in Jamaica.

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