US-JA Partnership Strong!

Chargé d’Affaires Eric Khant and his wife Halima Khant hosted members of government, civil society and the business community at the Chief of Mission Residence, for a ‘Thank You’ reception on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Over 100 guests were invited to the event, as a show of appreciation for their partnership over the year.

During his remarks the Charge asserted that “when it matters we [the U.S.] will be there for you [Jamaica]”, assuring guests that the United States stands firmly alongside Jamaica, in strengthening its economy, security and democracy.

Guests included Jamaica’s Minister of Finance, The Honorable Audley Shaw; Contractor General, Dirk Harrison; Ambassador Plenipotentiary, Dr. Nigel Clark; Opposition Spokesperson on Industry, Investment and Competitiveness, Peter Bunting and Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Public Service, Emanuel DaRosa.

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